Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School


Blue 3 class

Class overview

Welcome to Blue 3. In Blue 3 there are 11 children. Our class teacher is Sue and our teaching assistants are Stacey and Oliver. 


    Sue                  Stacey            Oliver


What we did last half term


We have been looking at celebrations, we learnt about Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Diwali and Christmas.


We have been looking at how to write letters and reading the book, Fantastic Mr Fox. We have used this book to look at rhyming words and describing words.


We have been looking at column addition/subtraction. We have also been adding amounts of money, matching shapes to our environment and making and reading tally charts.


We looked at electrical components and making circuits. We used what we have learnt to make a Christmas decoration.


We have been going to Hednesford Park. We had great fun walking round the park using the fitness equipment as we went round.   

We went on the skate park where we helped each other climb up and down the ramps.

We loved going on the park where they helped the younger children that was using the park.


What we are doing this half term / Reminders

 This half term we will be looking at British values and the Ancient Egyptians


P.E is on Mondays and Fridays

We will be going out over this half term to Boing Zone and a residential visit for the year 6 children.

Please make sure your child brings their diary and reading book every day.