Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Blue 4 class 

Overview of class

Welcome to Blue 4. We are a lively year 5/6 class who follow the key stage 2 curriculum and do lots of activities both inside and outside of school. We still have to do English, Maths, Science and Art along with a range of other subjects. There are 9 children in Blue 4. Sue is the teacher. Jo and Pam are the Teaching Assistants, and Oliver is an Apprentice.


      Sue                Jo P                  Pam             Oliver


What we did last half term

During the first half of the spring Term we have had a new pupil join the class making our numbers up to nine boys.

In Maths we looked at greater and smaller, ordinal numbers and subtracting using a number square. We used beads on thread to make number lines and used dice to generate numbers to work on our number bonds. Several of the class sorted addition by using known facts i.e. by adding the biggest numbers first when adding several numbers together. In the last couple of weeks we looked at time. We tried to gain a sense of how long a minute is and tasks we can complete within the minute i.e how many times can you write the days of the week in a minute?

In English we wrote New Years’ resolutions. We hope everyone has managed to keep these! Everyone managed to make a list of the things they received for Christmas as well as writing reports on our new activity - ice skating. Sue set us some challenges to describe objects and to use adjectives and nouns in our writing. Blue 4 had great fun with poems where we worked hard to identify rhyming words and to find similes.

Our extra-curricular activities included Ice-skating, which was very challenging for both pupils and staff. All those taking part have shown great achievement, although some found it more challenging than others. Swimming lessons returned for the term and we could see confidence growing. But the favourite has been the trampolines at Boing Zone.


Another new activity has been table cricket. At the point of updating this page we were practicing to enter a tournament against other schools.

Our parental engagement saw a number of parents coming into school to work with their children.


This half term and reminders

We would like to remind you to check pupil’s bags regularly for letters and information and that it really helps your son if you can spare a few minutes each day to read their reading book.


Monday in school all day – school uniforms please

  • Morning Maths and English
  • Afternoon Music and P.E

Tuesday in school all day – school uniforms please

  • Morning – Maths and English
  • Afternoon – Science


  • Morning – in school
  • Cannock Chase – comfortable clothes and wellies – spare clothes in case we get wet

Thursday - school uniform please

  • Morning Swimming trunks and towel
  • Afternoon – in school

Friday in school all day – school uniform please

  • Morning – Wolf Mountain – warm comfortable clothes suitable for indoor climbing/caving and archery
  • Afternoon - in school