Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Red 5 class

Welcome to Red 5. Our teacher is Sally. Our Teaching Assistants are Kath, Joe and Debbie


        Sally                 Kath                 Joe              Debbie


What we did last half term:

We enjoyed weekly trips to Birches valley last half term. We read the story Zog and went on a dragon hunt, made swords, mud pies, wands and built dens to protect us from the dragons. We also walked around the Gruffalo trail and even found time to enjoy the park. Parents, Grans and Grandads who joined us seem to have enjoyed themselves too. Thank you all for your help.

We used conkers during our maths lessons to make shapes


We had a fun lesson about using adjectives when we had some special visitors. Not many children get to describe Bananaman and Mrs Incredible.



 What we are doing this half term:

 This half terms topic is Celebrations. 


Thursday and Friday is PE. Please may we have a PE kit to keep in school. We will return them to wash at the end of each term. 


May we remind everyone it is most helpful if your children have names in their belongings.