Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Red 1 class

Welcome to Red Class 1. We are a lower KS2 complex needs class. We currently have 9 children in our class. Sophie is the class teacher. Julie Taylor, Sharon and Julie Johnson are our Teaching Assistants.


       Sophie           Julie T              Sharon           Julie J

Every day we start our day with the same routine, which includes saying/signing/singing Hello, then Phonics, where we learn a sound in our own way, from repeating it back, to writing in cheerios. We all learn differently in Red 1. This is our class!

Last half term we learned lots about Light and Dark, getting to use torches, light up toys, the dark room and the interactive board too. We even had the dark tent in our classroom, although Sophie took it back when we all tried to hide instead of work! We did lots of active things too. We did dance in PE; this helps with co-ordination and following instructions and we had a bubble machine to catch the stars in our song!



Our class read a new story called The Owl Babies. We counted owls and went on a barefoot walk through, feathers, fur and spaghetti. We played a matching game with our own owls too. We even got to taste some of the food before we dipped our toes in it! 


As well as PE we had weekly sessions at Boing Zone. We all really enjoyed this. The staff were very friendly and understood how to help and make sure the children had a safe and fun time. This time helped us stay active and learn to share and play with each other. We went with Blue 1, who we also spend our mornings with, they are a complex needs class too, but older than us.


We even found the time to go to the Theatre to see The Snowman and it was wonderful. The children enjoyed this very much, especially seeing the little boy and the snowman fly. These trips help us with travelling and socialising, going to new places and trying new things. We are very lucky that our school arranges lots of trips and activities.


This half term and reminders.

As we approach Easter our new term is as busy as the last. Our next topic is The Great Outdoors. We will be looking at Spring and new life. As the weather gets better we will be back outside on the field and making use of the outdoor classroom and sensory garden.

Please send wellies and waterproofs that we can leave at school.

So many of the things we do needs help and support from our parents. Many trips would not be possible without help, and so the Red 1 team would like to say thank you. We appreciate that your time is precious and yet you still help when we ask, just like Ann our lovely dinner lady who sings to all the children and volunteers for all our trips too.

Thank you for your continued support.