Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School


Blue 2 class

Welcome to Blue 2. We are a mixed year 5/6  class. There are 13 children in class. Isobel is the Teacher. Andrea and Leoni are the Teaching Assistants.




What we did last half term 

Dick Whittington, the cinema, singing at a care home, a concert by an Irish band, Sleeping Beauty, Prince of Wales show, visit from Santa, singing and mince pies with our parents, Christmas party, decorating the classroom and tree, Christmas dinner, Christmas shopping, pheeew, what a busy term and on top of all that we have still managed to do our usual work. We all enjoyed learning about space travel and the different planets and can now tell you lots of facts.

                                 A sparkly satellite 



                    Using BeeBots to learn directions


                          Measuring in centimetres


What we are doing this half term 

Our topic is History beyond 1066 – Kings and Queens. We will be having a visit to Tamworth Castle.


Please check your child’s P.E. kit and pumps/trainers still fit them and send them back as soon as possible

Please ensure all clothing, lunch bags, water bottles etc. are labelled.

Thank you for your continued support.