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Adventurer 5

Overview of class

Welcome to Adventurer 5. We are an upper key stage 2 class. Our teacher is Julia. Our Teaching assistant is Pam. Our ISAs are Michelle and Jess.

Adventurer 5 Staff

Summer 1:


This term we have been focusing on “Where, why, what, and who questions”. We chose our own animals and asked them lots of questions about themselves like, where they lived and what they like. We also explored how animals adapt to their environment and deforestation.


This term we have been looking at where specific numbers belong on a number line. We have also been learning days and months of the year.


In topic we have been looking at Anglo-Saxon Britain. We have explored how they lived, what they eat, and crime and punishment. A Man called Adrian came in to talk to us all about the Anglo-Saxons. We held lots of artefacts and found out lots of interesting things about them.

Summer 2:

We will be covering Here, there and everywhere.



Forest school is on Tuesday afternoon Wellies and warm clothes please.

PE is on Tuesday, kits will be sent home at the end of term. Can you please return it at the start of term (labelled please)?

Please continue to check Dojo for updates on what we’ve been doing during the day and for school information

Thank you for your continued support.

Adventurer 5 class photos


Thank you for your continued support.