Sherbrook Primary School

Assessment Principles

Assessment at Sherbrook Primary School

The outcome of the curriculum is highly individual, all achievement and progress is celebrated.

Progress for our pupils can be demonstrated by:

  • Pupils making progress towards/achieving their intended outcomes set with parents/carers for 12 months within the EHCP annual meetings. These outcomes are informed by any relevant professionals working with the pupils.
  • Pupils making progress towards outcomes when reviewed in termly pupils progress meetings which are held with subject leads and SLT.
  • Pupils making progress/achieving in the curriculum planned by teachers. Progress and achievement in all subjects are within reports to parents in either EHCP (annual review) report or annual end of year report.
  • Pupils making progress towards their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) termly targets.
  • Using existing skills in a wider range of contexts for example through their SALT / communication, physical and sensory integration interventions.

Explorers Assessment

In Explorers we use the Cherry Garden, Tapestry Assessment tool. These are child-centred progress criterion that allow for a flexible approach to assessment – moving away from previous models where the expectation would be that a child makes typical ‘linear’ progress. A child’s learning journey will follow its own unique path, and the straightforward organisation of milestones means that adults can see if a child has missed a key step that is holding them back from moving forward.

The Cherry Garden Branch Maps from Tapestry provide schools with a child centred, flexible approach to assessing children with learning differences, which is proven to enhance parental engagement in their child’s learning. They:

  • Provide teachers/support staff with key milestones.
  • Demonstrate not only linear but also lateral progress – perfect for children with complex support needs.
  • Enable parents to explore and understand their child’s learning through a unique Cherry Orchard visualisation.

The Tapestry App allows us to share key milestones with parents and create an online learning journal for our pupils.

Adventurers and Discoverers

At Sherbrook Primary School we use Solar to capture and celebrate pupil’s progress and to help inform future planning. Solar allows teachers to track development and progress outside of pupils EHCP outcomes and can be evidenced using photos, observations and annotations. Pupils are assessed against a criteria called WS P Steps.  The steps are a continuum of academic progress for each subject. Progress and achievements are used to inform reports and annual reviews.


The Government has announced that it will not publish any school or college level educational performance data based on tests, assessments or exams for 2020, 2021 or 2022.

Our historic performance table data can be found here.