Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School


Blue 3 class

Class overview

Welcome to Blue 3. Our class teachers are Sue/Tammy and our teaching assistants are Stacey and Debbie. We have 7 children in our class.



What we are doing this half term:

We have been learning about our local area and looked at where we live on a map of Cannock.  Each week we have enjoyed visiting different parts of Cannock Chase. We have made maps of our school, our school field and learnt to follow a map.  


We have been looking at ordinal numbers, column addition and measuring the length of objects, including ourselves.


In English we have been looking at the book Mr and Mrs Twit.  We have used the book to describe characters, write news reports, letter writing and had a go at rhyming words.


In Science we have carried out simple tests,  looked at parts of our body and lifestyle choices and have tried lots foods that are good for us.


We have been learning to ride bike and fly kites. We have also moved the school bughouse, baked cakes to raise money and went on a country file ramble.


What we are doing next half term:

We are looking at fair grounds  



P.E on Friday.

Swimming Thursday.  

Please keep looking in your child’s dairy.

Please check your child’s diary each day for messages and send their diary into school every day.