Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School


Blue 3 class

Class overview

Welcome to Blue 3. Our class teacher is Sue and our teaching assistant is Stacey. We have 7 children in our class.



What we did last half term


We have been looking at Kings, Queens, and castles. We really enjoyed looking at Henry the VIII. We had a visit to Tamworth castle we looked at armour that knights wore and tried some on.



We have been looking at subtraction, making bar and tally charts and odd and even numbers.


We have been practicing our letter sounds and sequencing the alphabet. We have been writing reports and writing descriptions.  


We went round the class looking at what was magnetic. We looked at freezing and melting of ice and the absorbency of paper. We had lots of fun learning how sound travels.



We played in the snow at Marquis Drive we made snow balls and stood under the trees and shook the trees so snow fell on us. We went for a walk over Cannock Chase and used an emergency tent and talked about how it would be used.


We are looking at recycling and how we can help by reusing and reducing.


P.E on Monday and Tuesday

Please keep looking in your child’s dairy

Please check your child’s diary each day for messages and send the diary into school every day.

Thank you for your continued support.