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Eric's Page

Hi I'm Eric and I joined Sherbrook Primary School as a puppy in 2016. I am going to work as a Therapy Dog.

I am a beautiful Cocker Spaniel Puppy who loves to meet new people.

On this page you can watch as I grow and follow the progress I am making in my training to be a Therapy Dog.

I am really looking forward to the time I spend in my new school.

18/5/16 Today I went on my first school outing.  I travelled on the school mini bus and accompanied the choir to Ashcroft Hollow to entertain the residents.  I wore my new school bandana for the occasion.



A trip to the vets with Eric:

On the 25th of May at 10:00am we went to the vets with Eric. The vets name was David.

David made sure that Eric was fit and healthy. David checked his heart beat, ears and coat. He also injected him with a needle so he can go on a walk without any risk of getting poorly. David let us use his stethoscope.

Eric was in fit and healthy condition and there is nothing to worry about.



DHK training:

On Friday 27th January Carol, Louise and Eric visited 'Dogs Helping Kids' (DHKs) in Devon to see how Eric was getting on with his training. Eric worked hard all day, showing off what he can already do and learning lots of new things including jumping over the hurdles! He also loved playing with Vader, Tracey's dog.  Tracey said he was a very clever and friendly dog but still has a lot to learn! It can take up to three years for a dog to complete the training required to be endorsed by DHKs so we have lots of work still to do.

Tracey has asked that all visitors to school are strict with Eric, he must not jump up to greet people, visitors can give him a gentle stroke once he is sitting down calmly.



Eric's Birthday: Friday 3rd March 2017

Today it was Eric’s first birthday!

Eric had a special doggy birthday cake and joined in the Good Book assemblies for a few minutes so that the children could sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him and give him the lovely cards they had made.

Eric was very lucky and had lots of lovely presents, the children enjoyed helping him to open them all!!

He really enjoyed his special birthday cake and shared it with all his doggy friends.


Many thanks to the parents and children who sent in presents and cards for Eric he loved them all!


Tomorrow Eric starts more training at ‘Paws for Praise’ Louise hopes he will be very well behaved.


DHK Sponsored Walk - Sunday 4th February 2018 

We organised a sponsored 8.9 mile walk around Carsington Water in Derbyshire to raise money for  ‘Dogs helping Kids’ – DHK. This is the charity we are working with to train Eric.

 Staff, friends and family joined in the walk. It was a fantastic day even though it was very cold! All the dogs behaved brilliantly especially Winnie the 13 week old chocolate cocker although she did have to take regular rests in her puppy bag! Eric, of course, found lots of muddy puddles and water and won the prize for the dirtiest dog; he definitely needed a bath when we got home! Lola the chocolate Labrador won the prize for the best sniffer out of treats! 

We hope to have raised lots of sponsor money to support DHK’s as staff who were not able to join us helped by asking family and friends to sponsor us. We now hope to make this an annual event although we might make it in the Summer!


DHK Welfare and Environment Assessment

On Monday 23rd April Tracey and Gail from the charity Dogs Helping Kids (DHK)visited Sherbrook to carry out the welfare and environment assessment and Eric’s Entry Level test.

We are very proud that we passed!  


Feedback -  It is very clear how much Eric is  thought of around the school by everyone – he has become a highly regarded member of staff!!!

Eric was relaxed, calm, confident and very well behaved – even though Eric was off lead whilst we were there and when walking round the school, he was very good at doing off lead heelwork and was very happy to follow you wherever you went. This was really good to see as he chose to be with you. 

All of Eric's welfare needs are being met – your office is a great space for Eric – he has everything in there he needs.

You have great Eric boards up and we loved all the Eric info in the office that have been made by the children at the school. We were pleased to see posters up in the classroom for the children (as a reminder) and an Eric is in sign on the front door as you entered – great!!!!!!

Eric is a happy confident dog and has all the attributes to make him a great School Dog in the future.



Feedback from Eric’s Entry Test



DHK Entry Test – well done – you got an average mark of 88% – which is very respectful!!!!!!!!!!

General Training all fine

Fun tricks really good – loved your big button and toys in the box

His heelwork is totally fine on lead – please keep this up and now do loads of practise in towns and outside environments

Continue to work on the instant down to keep the standard high

Eric’s settle outside whilst Gail was talking to you was excellent

You simply dropped a few marks here and there – so well done again!!


DHK training:

Eric and Louise were recently at the DHK HQ undertaking their first day of School Dog Training. Eric worked really hard all day learning all the new training for his future work with the children. It was too hot to go into town, but he did a mock of assessment one in the shade of the garden and Eric did really well.