Sherbrook Primary School

Explorer 3 Class

Welcome to Explorer 3. We are a Key Stage 2 complex needs class. Vicky is the Teacher. Lauren is the TA.  Kerry, , Emma C, Hannah, Jackie (Mon, Wed, Fri) and Emma R (Tues, Thurs)  are the ISAs. 

Explorer 3 Staff


Autumn 1:

We have all settled into our new classes and begun to get familiar with routines within Explorer 3. This half term our topic has been ‘It’s good to be me’’. The children have enjoyed exploring their different body parts. We have looked at the book “Big Feelings” and looked at different emotions.

In Forest Schools we painted pictures using the juice of berries, created wind catchers and splashed around in waterplay.


Autumn 2:

Our topic will be 'Let's celebrate.'



On Mondays we have P.E, this includes using the trampoline and O.T. House.

On Wednesdays we are Learning Outside of the class room. Please ensure you child has a complete change of clothes, including footwear and/or waterproof outer wear.  We do get very messy as we explore and learn from nature. This is a great Sensory learning experience for all and is a highlight of the week for all the children. 

Please contact class staff through the Home/School Diary and Dojo if you have any questions or information regarding your child.

Explorer 3 class photos

 Thank you for your continued support.