Sherbrook Primary School

Explorer 3 Class

Welcome to Explorer 3. We are a Key Stage 2 complex needs class. Vicky is the Teacher. Emma C is the TA.  Hannah, Jackie, Natasha and Zoe  are the ISAs. 

Explorer 3 Staff


Spring 2:

This half term we have worked hard and had some lovely experiences.

In Literacy we focused on the story Whatever Next, we enjoyed role play, dressing up and pretending to go the moon. We made star biscuits, rockets and work for our display. Our writing and mark making linked to our story. We have practised a range of patterns We looked at what we would take to the moon. Our next story was the train ride, , we looked at the animals in the story. We have played with different trains and train tracks We have used trains and cars to mark make. We have enjoyed role play as well.

 In phonics we have explored the letters M A S D T, next term we will be looking at I n and p

In Maths we have compared size, mass and capacity. We have looked at heavy and light, big and small. We explored a range of full and empty containers. We have used sand, water, rice, pasta to explore capacity. We used stories to reinforce we looked at where’s my teddy. We practised picking up heavy and light shopping bags to compare sizes.

We have continued to develop our communication skills and have developed our ALD boards and have introduced feelings recently.

Forest school

We explored a range of activities at the forest. We explored cars frozen in ice, we have experimented watching vehicles down ramps. We have explored making marks through mud, sand, , foam and water. We have also explored boats on the water. At forest school the children have the freedom to climb and explore independently which is a nice opportunity for them


On Fridays we continue to have music in the afternoons, this is a favourite activity. We have explored a range of musical instruments to play along to songs. We use pictures and symbols so the children can choose favoured songs, this also helps to develop our communication skills

Summer 1:

We looking at Animals A to Z our focus story will be Animal Boogie.

We will be looking at animal habitat and life cycles



 On Mondays we have P.E, this includes bouncing on the trampoline and exploring the O.T. House to work on our gross and fine motor skills.

Please ensure all clothes and personal items are clearly labelled with your child’s name and a spare set of clothes is in their bags every day.

On Wednesdays we are Learning Outside of the class room. Please ensure you child has a complete change of clothes, including footwear and/or waterproof outer wear.  We do get very messy as we explore and learn from nature. This is a great Sensory learning experience for all and is a highlight of the week for all the children.


We will be going swimming On Tuesdays, please ensure you send your child with swimming kit, towel, swimming nappy, lunch box and drink 


Please contact class staff through the Home/School Diary and Dojo if you have any questions or information regarding your child.


We would like to thank parents and carers for their continued support throughout the year so far.


Explorer 3 class photos

 Thank you for your continued support.