Sherbrook Primary School

Explorer 4

Overview of class:

Welcome to Explorer 4 class. We are an ASC class and currently have 7 children. Our Teacher is Sarah. Our Teaching Assistant is Lauren. Sharon andJo Littlewood are the ISA's.

Explorer 4 Staff

Autumn 2:

This half term we have been looking at ‘Our Colourful World’. We have had lots of fun in our topic lessons. We created Rangoli patterns, explored bonfires and fireworks, had our own birthday party, and made traditional Indian sweets in cooking.

We love P.E with Jess- especially bouncing on the trampoline! We jump very high and explore lots of different equipment.  

Spring 1:

We will be looking at ‘Sing me a song - Nursery Rhymes’. We will be exploring lots of different nursery rhymes.  



We have Rebound Therapy on a Monday afternoon, please make sure your child has socks for this activity. We also go and use the O.T. Room.

On Wednesday, please send your child in suitable clothes for learning outside the classroom. Also, please send in a spare set of clothes to change into after - including footwear so the children don’t have to walk through the school in muddy wellies/shoes.  There will be many opportunities to get wet so spare clothes need to be provided or waterproof clothing.

Please ensure all clothes and personal items are clearly labelled with your child’s name and a spare set of clothes is in their bags every day. Diaries need to be sent in daily.  It’s so lovely to hear what the children have been doing at home so please let us know.

Explorer 4 class photos


Thank you for your continued support.