Sherbrook Primary School

Free School Meals 
Additional Support

Context:  Staffordshire County Council has received funding through the Department for Work and Pensions Household Support Fund.  This funding is limited and must be used between 1st April 2023 and 31st March 2024 to support households with essential costs. 

This fund is seeking to provide families of children who meet the eligibility criteria listed below, a £20 eVoucher for the holiday. This eVoucher will be sent direct to each child’s family by the Staffordshire Family Hub.

Eligibility Criteria
The child needs to attend an education setting within Staffordshire during the current term and meet the criteria listed below – so for example for the May 2023 eVoucher the child will need to be in attendance during the Spring Term 2023.

  1. Any child in receipt of a benefits-related Free School Meals

We will use the email address already held at the school.
If you wish to update this, please let the office know as a matter of urgency, so that vouchers can be issued.

For the Christmas holiday, vouchers will be distributed from 18th December onwards.  Any queries, please contact the school office, or if you have not received your vouchers by 5.00pm on the 21st  December 2023, please contact 

Vouchers must be redeemed by 1st February 2024, or the funds will be reallocated to the Household Support Fund.