Sherbrook Primary School

Horse Riding

Each term a small group of children from Sherbrook attend a weekly horse riding session at Gartmore Stables. The sessions are led by qualified ‘Riding For The Disabled’ instructors and supported by Sherbrook staff.

Whilst the children learn basic riding skills, and some progress to riding simple routes independently, it is the many additional benefits of these sessions  which really help our pupils.

Pupils benefit and develop in many ways including

  • Social skills
  • Self confidence
  • Co-operation
  • Sense of self worth – pride in achievements
  • Confidence
  • Core stability
  • Fine and Gross motor skills
  • Physical strength
  • Positive relationships with staff and peers
  • Communication and interaction
  • Behaviour and self control
  • Enjoyment

Pupils have the chance to continue riding outside of school through private lessons or activities offered by ‘Aiming High’.