Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Red 5 class

Welcome to Red 5. There are 13 children in our class. The class will be a mixed year 3/4 group. Our teacher is Julia. Our Teaching Assistants are Caroline/Kath, Zoe and Sally-Ann.




What we did in Summer 1:  

 As part of Topic this term we have enjoyed some gardening. We have planted seeds and transplanted them to the raised beds. The things we are growing are beetroot, carrots, courgettes and sweet peas and we check them regularly to see how they are growing. In Science we also learned about plants and how they grow.

For Maths we have learned about capacity and weighing. We have enjoyed using equipment to measure with.

PE this term has been cricket, which Red 5 have really enjoyed and the staff did too.

What we are learning in Summer 2:

Our topic in Summer 2 is Rainforests.


Homework is due in each Wednesday. Topic homework to be completed half-termly.

Thursday and Friday is PE. Please wear a PE kit to school.

Please be mindful of applying sun cream as the weather improves and sending hats/ coats according to the weather each day.

May we remind everyone it is most helpful if your children have names in their belongings

Thank you for your continued support.