Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Red 4 Class

Welcome to Red Class 4. We are a mixed year 3 / 4 class. Jo T is the class leader. Emma is the TA. Vicki and Lisa are the ISA's.



What we have been learning in Autumn 2: 

Our topic this half term was ‘Victorians and Electricity’. We have enjoyed learning about Queen Victoria and the years of industry, invention and development.

In English we have improved our phonics and reading in class, we aim to read 1:1 twice a week and focus on: who, what, when and where questions to develop understanding. We know many are reading daily at home and the improvements are beginning to show. In addition we have a weekly sensory story with Margret-Ann our speech and language assistant and have a daily big book story for fun. We are following the ‘Hamilton Trust English program’ focusing on specific books to develop our language and understanding this half term we have worked on:


In Maths we continue our maths mastery by following ‘white rose maths scheme’ we have worked on size, patterns and numbers.

In Science we have gone electric, we have understood and built circuits including making our own human circuit!!

In RE we have walked on water and experienced a number of religious festivals at this exciting time of year.

In Forest Schools we have been crafting and enjoying outdoor sensory play whatever the weather we will be out! enjoying our outdoor classroom.



What we are learning in Spring 1: 

Our topic will continue with Electricity.



Monday- library book exchange

Tuesday – please come in old clothes for forest schools and warm coats

Wednesday – please come in PE kits,

Diaries, reading books, drinks bottles snacks and coats should come into school everyday please and be labelled.

Thank you for your continued support.