Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

The School day

& extra-curricular activities


Our school day:

Time:                                            Activity:

9.05am                      Children arrive/ register


9.30am                      Session 1 (or Phase Assembly)


10.00 am                   Session 2


10.45am                    Snack time        


11.00am                    Play time


11.15am                   Session 3


12.00pm                   Lunch time


1.00pm                     Session 4


1.45pm                     Session 5


2.40pm                    Golden time


2.50pm                   End of the school day.



Our extra-curricular activities:

We offer a range of lunch time clubs. These include:

Football Rugby Running
Singing ICT Maths
Science Sensory