Sherbrook Primary School

Vision, Ethos and Values

Our School Vision:

To be a school of excellence, where all pupils are offered a wide and innovative range of opportunities to inspire them to believe in themselves and achieve their full potential.

Our School Ethos:

Our ethos is clear, we believe that every child should feel happy, loved, safe and secure in a nurturing environment. Every child has a right to have at the very least their basic needs met. Every child is supported in understanding their feelings and to being able to regulate their emotions.  Every child should have a voice and be heard. When all of this is in place then the learning happens and children thrive.

Our School Values:

  • Stimulating learning environment from which children can develop and move forward.
  • Happy, safe and caring atmosphere with mental health and well being at the forefront of our work.
  • Expectations are high, challenging and realistic.
  • Respect for all, promoting self-awareness and excellent behaviour.
  • Broad, balanced, relevant and inclusive curriculum, within and beyond the classroom.
  • Recognise and encourage active concern for the community and environment.
  • Opportunities to celebrate achievements and success.
  • On-going high quality staff training and development.
  • Keep parents and carers involved in all aspects of their child's education, health and welfare.

Our School Motto:

Believe and achieve

Our School Mission:

To provide the highest quality education for all in a caring, supportive, inclusive and vibrant environment. We promote and celebrate learning and achievement for all. We value children as individuals and celebrate both academic and social achievements. We believe in a strong connection between home and school, and will work closely with parents and carers to maximise the opportunities on offer for all of our pupils.