Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School

Sherbrook Primary School


Blue 2 class

Welcome to Blue 2. We are a mixed year 5/6  class, part of upper Key Stage 2. There are 13 children in class. Sue is the Teacher. Stacey, Debbie and Vicky are the Teaching Assistants. 



What we did in Summer 1:


Our class has been looking at WW2. The children learnt about what Anderson shelters were used for. When they heard the air raid siren, the children hid under the table or in the air raid shelter. We all made helmets, gas masks and WW2 gardens out of cardboard.

We had two days where we dressed up like a WW2 evacuee child, and then on the last day we had a VE-Day celebration.

In Science we had lots of fun learning about different materials, what they were made of and if they were waterproof or not. We also enjoyed doing experiments to find out what items were/were not waterproof.


What we are learning this half term.

During the summer Term 2021 we are looking at brilliant Britain. We will look at the 4 nations that make up Britain, inventers, mountains, rivers, seaside’s and castles.



Children will be doing rebound therapy on Fridays.

We will let you know of any important dates in the dairy and via Dojo.